I have finally finished the Pinewood race car for the children's charities race and Auction, sponsored by SEMA.  It is a good feeling to give my talents to a worthy cause and I feel honored to be part of it.

Special thanks to all that contributed time and materials to this project.

Eric Brockmeyer, Brockmeyer Designs Rob Walker, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Dupont Paints Charley Rogers Butch Capps, Mid South Gear and Bearings Rich Daniels, High Resolutions Special thanks to Brett Melancon for the art work and photography Check out the high resolution photos on the web


The rendering.

I have been neglecting the blog lately, but I have a good reason.  A new partner has joined the Burchett team.  Joshua Reed Burchett was born July 4th, and yes I am a very proud Grandfather.  I will have a legacy to hand down to a third generation.  I can only hope he follows in my son's foot steps and strives for excellence in all that he does.

While all of the distractions have been going on B Rod has not stopped working.  Hear is a glimpse of projects in progress.

Venting my frustrations on the blog may not be proper protocol, and giving my observations on the state of our countries values is not the most politically correct thing to do, but I am pissed!  Yesterday I posted pictures of the Pinewood charity car and talked of my enthusiasm for the progress that has been made.  Well, last night disaster struck.

Building cars has always been my passion.  When I was younger I mean way before I could drive, I was cutting, chopping, sectioning and building model cars.  That was a very long time ago and I have been told that you can't relive your youth.  If not, then why am I having so much fun?

I decided to put logos of all participating groups and individuals.  This mach-up illustrates my vision.

This was very tedious and so PJ took over the lay-out.

On the last post of the 1938 Packard, I was concerned that the owner was going to cut corners and not take his car to the level of detail that it deserves.  I am glad to say that I was wrong.  PJ is building and shaping the front fenders to accept the side mount spare tires.  Once this is finished he will finish metal finishing the front end to assure the proper fit and finish.

Mach-up with the new custom made wheels and wide white wall tires.

It is't very often that I can give my work away to charity, but in this case I was able to make an exception.  At last years SEMA Show I was asked to participate in a race-car build off, with other car builders.  I am proud to say that I accepted the challenge and will compete it the race next month, and then the car will be sold in a silent auction at the SEMA Show.

Well, I showed the cars this past weekend and did fair.  It is hard to drive the cars and expect to take first place, but I still do.  The competition was tough and I was beet out by some very impressive cars.  Please note the winners that I took.

1964 Corvette Lydia took 2nd place behind an Alloway built car.  

This 1941 Ford truck took 3 place.

Well I'm back for vacation, it was too short.

This weekend i will have four cars that B rod has built on display.  If you get a chance come to the Subway Auto Expo at Chilhowee Park in kKnoxville Tennessee this weekend.  The following pictures are of the car that i will have on display.

Something a little different this morning. 

In the spring of 2010 I got word that GM was going to sponsor a contest for SEMA members to produce aftermarket parts for the new Camaro.  Well, since PJ and I tend to visualize conceptual body lines, I assumed that GM would appreciate a design that evoked a bygone era, just like Ford did with the Mustang.  As it turned out I was wrong.

Today we look at project that took over 7 years to complete.  Patience is the key to a happy and successful car build, and this customer was and is both.  Jim McMichael, who owns Jim McMichael Signs and Truck Painting, in Knoxville, Tennessee, owns this beauty.  Quite frequently I collaborate and work with my customers who want to have hands-on involvement with their project, and Jim is one of those people.  He had already had his car for about 10 years when he approached me for the build.